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3DP Workbench Xtreme

Print Bigger and Faster than Ever Before
3DP Workbench Xtreme

Build area: 1 m X 1.5 m x 0.7 m build volume
Print speed: Print at speeds up to 273 mm3/s
Reliability: Premium mechatronics guarantee uptime
Enhanced workbench: Offers more room to get stuff done

The 3DP Workbench Xtreme is a large-format 3D printer for manufacturers who require a larger build area than the Workbench 300 Series offers. With a 1 m X 1.5 m x 0.7 m build volume, the Workbench Xtreme has 500mm more print length than the Workbench Pro for a total build volume of more than 1 cubic metre. It prints at a fast rate, with 16x the volumetric output of 3DP’s previous-generation extruders.

The Workbench Xtreme will print down to a layer height of 50-microns (0.0019-inches), at print speeds of up to 273 mm3/s (59.97 in3/hr).

An Uncompromised 3D Printing Experience

The Workbench Xtreme offers extremely fast print speeds, with 16x the volumetric throughput of 3DP’s previous generation of extruders. With print speeds of up to 273 mm3/s (59.97 in3/hr), the Workbench Xtreme offers manufacturers greater efficiency without sacrificing quality. The Workbench Xtreme also retains mechanical and Automatic Mesh Levelling, as well as single, dual and HFE print head support.

Another advantage the 3DP Workbench Xtreme has over the Workbench Pro are its premium mechatronics, which are of a higher quality than the enhanced mechatronics in the Pro. The Xtreme’s mechatronics are designed for high-output 3D printing, making this 3D printer ideally suited to demanding environments such as manufacturing floors.

Enhanced Workbench and Features for Usability

With its enhanced workbench, the 3DP Workbench Xtreme is a practical 3D printer for workshops and manufacturing floors. The frame is on lockable caster wheels for easy relocation, and the gantry folds in two for manoeuvrability. The Workbench Xtreme has the same physical dimensions as the Workbench Pro too, so if you need more build space but can’t sacrifice any more floor space, the Workbench Xtreme is a good solution.

The Workbench Xtreme is controlled through a 7” touchscreen, and it has USB, SD card and Wi-Fi connectivity. To find out more about the 3DP Workbench Xtreme, contact us today. 

Layer Height
50 microns+
Build Dimensions
1000 x 1500 x 700mm
Manufacturer SKU
Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Option to use dissolvable filament on the 2nd head.
1475 x 2286 x 2100mm
Filament Diameter
Weight (KG)


    50 microns+


    1000 x 1500 x 700mm



The Fastest 3D Platform 3D Printer The Workbench Xtreme sits at the top of the range, offering print speeds up to 16x faster than 3DP’s previous generation machines.
3D Printed engine
Enormous Build Area With its 1 m X 1.5 m x 0.7 m build volume, the Workbench Xtreme offers a total build volume of more than 1 cubic metre.
3D Platform being carried through a door
  • Enhanced Workbench

    The 3DP Workbench Xtreme has an enhanced hardwood workbench built into the frame and 12 drawers for filament and tool storage.

  • Premium Mechatronics

    The Workbench Xtreme’s Premium Mechatronics are designed to cope with high-output 3D printing, making the Xtreme is the best option for manufacturers.

3D Printed petrol tank
Open-Market Advantage With an open market filament system, the Workbench Xtreme lets you test and enjoy thousands of third party filaments and save money in the process.
3D Printed mass production

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