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Builder 3D Printers Upgrades Extreme 3D Printer Range

Builder range

If you have ever needed a big, industrial-grade FFF 3D printer with an enclosed build chamber, then for a long time Builder 3D’s Extreme 3D printer range has been right at the top of the list (or should have been on yours).

The Extreme 1000, Extreme 1500 and Extreme 2000 made large-scale 3D printing easy and came in rare sizes so they could print BIG yet fit in most environments. And now they have been upgraded, they’re better than ever.


The Extreme 1000, Extreme 1500 and Extreme 2000 are now known as the Extreme 1000 PRO, Extreme 1500 PRO and Extreme 2000 PRO. The ‘PRO’ moniker signifies each model has three new features over the old models:

- 7” touchscreen - for controlling the printer at source. Control print settings and pause and resume prints. 

- Filament detection - which keeps track of your filament usage to help you get more from your printing experience. 

- UPS system - an uninterruptible power supply which resumes printing after a power outage. Can be adjusted. 

Other than that, the newly updated PRO range is the same as before. Which is absolutely fine, since no other 3D printers can match their size-quality ratio anyway. All three 3D printers are suited to high-use environments, with manufacturers, designers and engineers using them to create true to design models and end use parts, from air intakes for performance cars to customised mannequins for store fronts and art shows.

Here’s a recap of the specs of each model:

Extreme 1000 PRO


700 x 700 x 820mm (XYZ) build volume, enclosed build chamber, open filament system, heated print bed, two extruders, one nozzle. Tall and wide.

Extreme 1500 PRO


1100 x 500 x 820 mm (XYZ) build volume, enclosed build chamber, open filament system, heated print bed, two extruders, one nozzle. Tall and very wide.

Extreme 2000 PRO


700 x 700 x 1700 mm (XYZ) build volume, enclosed build chamber, open filament system, heated print bed, two extruders, one nozzle. Very tall and wide.

All models come with the same slicing software as before, Simplify3D, which has optimised print profiles for 0.4mm, 0.8mm and 1.4 mm nozzles. It's one of the best slicing programs out there. All three models print PET, PLA, PVA support material, flexible filament and special filaments like Woodfill and Bronzefill.

Because these models have heated bed up to 60°C, you can also use PRO1 filament, which is PLA-based but much stronger. PRO1 has an excellent surface finish and is easy to print. There’s an open filament system so you can experiment with anything, from economy filaments to specialised ones. You can find a wide range of filaments here.

The use cases for Builder 3D printers is enormous, with us covering a wide variety of case studies over the last few years. For instance, a Builder Extreme 2000 was used to 3D print a 1:1 scale velociraptor for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (2018). In another use case, electric transportation company InMotion used a Builder Extreme 1500 to manufacture 15 bespoke parts for their Le Mans race car. In another, we saw how KLM engine use a Builder 3D printer to manufacture custom parts for the overhaul and repair of jet engines.


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