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We are the 3D printing arm of a larger company called Express Group Ltd. Fixing printers since 1988, today we are a Specialist Parts Distributor and Experts in 3D Printing.

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We take quality control very seriously, which is why we are audited for ISO9001:2015 certification, this helps ensure we provide great customer service.

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Cutting Packing Prototype Times with the FormBox and 3D Printing

Sir James M. Barrie once said nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else. I think we can all relate to this when it comes to decorating, which can be enjoyable or a bit of a slog depending on your mindset. Som...

Bringing Production and Mass Production to the Classroom with the Mayku FormBox

People are inherently curious, and none more so than younger people - which is why teachers are always looking for unique ways to make their lessons interesting. From dissecting frogs in biology to using pneumatics in design and technolo...

Bringing Geometry to a Young Classroom with the Mayku FormBox

If you want to get younger children to really engage in the classroom, a sure-fire way to go about it is with something fun. Show and tell works on this principle, but also on the plain of making each little person feel important for a l...

Making a Glass Science Park Mock-up With Architect Tanya Eskander

An architect can find beauty in almost any structure. Whether it's the intricacy of a structure or its functional quality, there is always something to admire. Tanya Eskander, a freelance architect working in London, uses her skills to...

Inspiring the makers of tomorrow using egg cups - with David Baker and FormBox

Is there anything more essential in life than an egg cup? After all, without it, you're forced to try and prop up your egg on something or peel the shell from the egg (an impossible task unless the egg is cool to the touch, which defeats t...

Using the FormBox to Teach Design with Kohl’s Design It! Lab

Kohl’s Design It! Lab is a grant-funded space at Milwaukee’s Discovery World Science and Technology Museum. The space is accessed everyday by adults and children alike where fun projects await, like making stuff together, upcycling and...

Making a Short Run of Packaging with Mayku and PlayDude

Manufacturing packaging from scratch is an expensive endeavour, especially when that packaging needs to be a custom fit or form. As you scale the production of packaging it becomes economical, but short runs (for limited edition product...

Rapid prototyping with the Mayku FormBox with Theo Ford

Theo Ford is an award-winning London-based industrial designer. He uses the Mayku FormBox to make short run prototypes of products like custom furniture. His small model making setup makes use of injection moulding with the FormBox and 3...

Your Guide to the Mayku FormBox

The Mayku FormBox is a desktop vacuum former with an ingenious design - the suction is created with any household vacuum cleaner. Your trusty Henry Hoover - your state-of-the-art cordless vacuum - is the key to everything. Okay, so there...

Announcing Our Partnership with Mayku

We are delighted to announce we are now an authorised Mayku reseller. Our partnership with Mayku comes as we continue our commitment to offering the best and most innovative products in our online store. Mayku was founded in 2015 by Al...

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