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Free next working day delivery to UK mainland on all orders over £100 (ex. VAT) placed via the website before 5pm, subject to stock (simply select "Next Working Day" under "Free Shipping" at checkout).

Established in 1988

We are the 3D printing arm of a larger company called Express Group Ltd. Fixing printers since 1988, today we are a Specialist Parts Distributor and Experts in 3D Printing.

ISO Certified

We take quality control very seriously, which is why we are audited for ISO9001:2015 certification, this helps ensure we provide great customer service.

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Markforged soft jaws 3D printed in Onyx in action on the production floor.
Want to save money on your production line?
One manufacturer saved £26,000.
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From Prototyping Through To Production

Find out how 3D printing can help your organisation at all stages of the manufacturing process, from design to prototyping and then onwards to tooling, production and finally replacement parts.


Tooling (Tools, Jigs & Fixtures) | Production | Rapid Prototyping | Mass Customisation | End-use parts | Injection Moulding Moulds

3D printing removes the need for outsourcing during product development and allows for designs to be tested, amended and re-tested within days rather than weeks. This turnaround time allows for customisation of products, if desired, and the materials available can produce parts stronger than machined aluminium with a finish suitable for final, end-use purposes.

Check out our resources and videos below to learn more. If you’d like to discuss how your organisation can take advantage of 3D printing, we offer free consultation with one of our experts. Click the button above or contact us to arrange a convenient time.


Recommended Products

Check out some of the products we recommend for Manufacturers and Engineers.

Complete Metal Solution
Print high quality parts in a controlled environment
Print big, strong parts. Accurately.
Print parts as strong as aluminium
Print high-resolution parts for a range of applications
Print Bigger and Faster than Ever Before
High-Strength, Low-Cost Industrial-Grade 3D Printing from Markforged
3D Print Super-Strong and Super-Tough Parts with the Markforged X5
A Desktop Vacuum Former for Making Stuff. Fast.
The Affordable Large-Format Industrial-Grade 3D Printer
The Complete Industrial-Strength Large-Format 3D Printer
Fast and Reliable Large-Format 3D Printing
Fast, cost effective prints at a high standard.
Print big, cost effective parts, fast.
Built from the ground up to print nylon with chopped carbon
Print in nylon and chopped carbon alongside continuous strands of fibreglass.
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