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Free next working day delivery to UK mainland on all 3D printers ordered via the website before 5pm, subject to stock.

Established in 1988

We are the 3D printing arm of a larger company called Express Group Ltd. Fixing printers since 1988, today we are a Specialist Parts Distributor and Experts in 3D Printing.

ISO Certified

We take quality control very seriously, which is why we are audited for ISO9001:2008 certification, this helps ensure we provide great customer service.

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Expand Your 3D Printing Capability
Midi Controller printed on the Zortrax M200
Why GoPrint3D?

If you are already using 3D printing in your business then we have a number of products and services that may save you money, improve quality or save you time.

We understand that often you have requirements that are unique to your business. Contact us for a bespoke solution to suit your business.

If you would like to find out more, please give us a call on 01765 540 115 or email web@goprint3d.co.uk.

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Print Larger Items, Up To 500,000cm³

The 3DP1000 by 3D Platform, a US manufacturer, has a huge build volume, allowing you to print up to 1m x 1m x 0.5m. Allowing you to do large prints (such as the motorcycle petrol tank - pictured) or large batches.

It also has different nozzle sizes, with smaller nozzles allowing you to do great detail and larger nozzles allowing you to print larger items at quicker speeds.

Find Out More About The 3DP1000

Gas Tank printed on the 3DP1000
Blueprinter M3
Cost Effective Powder Based 3D Printer

Blueprinter uses a technology similar to Selective Laser Sintering called Selective Heat Sintering. This gives it a number of advantages over SLS. The key advantage is that the machine itself is cheaper than SLS, whilst it also creates prints that are solid all the way through, where as with SLS only the shell is solidified by the laser. This increases strength and flexibility.

As with all powder based 3D printers, you can print many things in the print area, without having to worry about support scarring or spending time orientating prints.

Professional Desktop Stereolithography

We stock both the Form 1+ and the Form 2, both of which are created by Formlabs using Stereolithography. With layer heights as low as 25 microns or 0.025mm, the Formlabs products are ideal for doing highly detailed prints.

There are a range of resins available meaning it is suited to a wide number of different applications. These include flexible, castable and tough resins as well as standard resins which come in clear (completely transparent when polished), white, black and grey.

Form 1+ Stereolithography Machine
3D Printer Manufacturer Logos
Bureau Services

Our bureau services offer you the chance to tap into any of our technologies without the upfront investment that some of these require. On top of that, you can use our print farm to produce large volumes in a short space of time.

More To Come

We're constantly on the lookout for new additive manufacturing technologies, and we already have a few new products in the pipeline, including a 3D printer that can print in kevlar.