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Free next working day delivery to UK mainland on all 3D printers ordered via the website before 5pm, subject to stock.

Established in 1988

We are the 3D printing arm of a larger company called Express Group Ltd. Fixing printers since 1988, today we are a Specialist Parts Distributor and Experts in 3D Printing.

ISO Certified

We take quality control very seriously, which is why we are audited for ISO9001:2008 certification, this helps ensure we provide great customer service.

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Incorporating 3D Printing Into Your Processes
Midi Controller printed on the Zortrax M200
Where do I start?

Because there is a wide range of 3D printing technologies it can be difficult to determine what can be used where and what is right for you. The best way to proceed is to get in touch with us, have a chat, perhaps even show us your operation, then we can help advise how 3D printing can fit in with your processes.

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What is possible?

To give you some idea of what is available:

  • Cost effective large format 3D printers, capable of printing up to 1m x 1m x 0.5m.
  • Thermoplastic powder printer that can print hundreds of complex parts in one build.
  • You can use stereolithography to create high resolution prints, with smooth surfaces and great detail.
  • 3D scanners allow you to scan in items and manipulate them to create new items.
  • Desktop FFF (fused filament fabrication) 3D Printers are a great way to create prototypes at your desk at a very low cost.
  • All this technology can also be tapped when you need to through our bureau services.
Gas Tank printed on the 3DP1000
3D Printer Manufacturers
Why GoPrint3D?
  • We are not tied to one 3D printer manufacturer - this allows us to recommend the right 3D printer for you from our range.
  • Our aim is to add as many different materials and technologies to our range, this means you are less constricted with your choice and we can recommend the right tool for the job.
  • We want to help provide you a solution, we are happy to help advise on how to incorporate technology into your processes, and we not only sell 3D printers, we also provide training and installation.

"GoPrint3D provided an excellent level of customer service! They went above and beyond the call off duty with what I would expect from a standard 3D printing agency or business. I would happily recommend them!" -Alex Reid, Nestle

"I wish to thank you for all the help and advice over the past few weeks regarding our new 3D printing equipment. Our MakerBot Replicator 2X, has found to be an indispensable part of our design tools as we have found the equipment easy to use and very effective in printing what we need. The training we received for the MakerBot was perfectly suited to our needs." -Daniel Heaford, Woodhall Products Ltd

"I look forward to receiving the newly printed parts shortly. Thanks for all your help, great customer service from yourself and the team." -Hozan Amin, BWB Technologies