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Form 3 Finish Kit

Form 3 Finish Kit with Film Tool


3D printing models and parts with the Form 3 is a doddle. The Form 3 Finish Kit makes preparing and finishing them a doddle too. 


The Finish Kit gives you all the tools you need to get to work on post-processing. After printing, you’ll use the Finish Kit to remove printed parts from the build platform, remove their support material, and rinse parts safely. 


The Form 3 Finish Kit includes the following products: 


2 rinse buckets: To be partially filled with isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

Rinse station: This holds the two rinse buckets with built-in flip lids. 

Rinse basket: Used to transfer parts from one bucket to the next.

Rinse bottle: To be kept full of isopropyl alcohol. 

Finishing tray: A safe place to put sticky tools and consumables. 

Tank tool: Used to inspect and clean the Form 3 resin tank. 

Tweezers: Used to remove supports from parts and unwanted cured material. 

Scraper: Used to carefully remove parts from the build platform. 

Removal tool: Used to release the base of printed parts from the build platform. 

Jig: For securing the build platform in place. 

Flush cutters: For carefully removing supports from printed parts. 

Disposable nitrile gloves: So you can safely handle parts again and again. 


All Form 3 printers come with one Finishing Kit as standard, but it’s also available separately to make your workflow twice as efficient. 


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