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3D Printing In The Medical Sector

There are an extremely wide number of applications of 3D printing in the medical sector. Popular applications include prosthetics (particularly in children), surgical models, research and medical devices.


Prosthetics | Medical Devices | Veterinary | Maxillofacial | Organs | Surgical Preparation

With the ability to turn MRI scans into 3D printed parts, the medical industry has changed substantially. Treatments can be personalised more than ever before, fine individual detail can be examined before surgery and procedures can explained to patients significantly more clearly.

3D Printing has also contributed to a huge improvement of prosthetics. Lightweight, truly unique parts can be printed around electronics to give limbs back to amputees that work in much the same way as the original.

Check out the resources and videos below to learn more. If you would like to discuss how 3D printing could benefit your organisation, please get in touch to book your free consultation with our experts.


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