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MarkForged Consumables

Consumables are parts your Markforged 3D printer uses that need replacing in time. The most obvious consumable for a 3D printer is the Bowden tube, which can become clogged and wear. Other consumables include nozzles which degrade when 3D printing the composites Markforged 3D printers do and print beds. We sell a wide range of Markforged consumables at GoPrint3D. We are an authorised Markforged reseller.

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Mark Two Fibre Bowden Tube

Onyx Pro and Mark Two Fibre Bowden Tube


If your Mark Two’s Fibre Bowden Tube is clogged or damaged, then you will have to replace it to continue 3D printing with composites.


The Fibre Bowden Tube is a crucial component of the MarkForged Mark Two. It feeds filament through to the Mark Two’s extruder, where it is then processed through to the Mark Two’s CFF nozzle and printed in continuous strands to reinforce nylon parts. The Tube has to be smooth and continuous. If there is any filament build up in the tube, or any kinks or other types of interruption, this can stop the print process in its tracks.


The product you are viewing here today is a replacement Fibre Bowden Tube assembly for the Mark Two 3D printer. It is an official and genuine Markforged part. It is a direct replacement for your existing Fibre Bowden Tube and once it is installed you will be able to get back to 3D printing strong and durable end-use parts and prototypes.


Installing the new Tube is also quick and easy – you can find out how to do that in your Mark Two user manual. Whilst you are here, it is also important to check your Nylon Bowden Tube. If this is damaged, you will also have to replace it. The good news is Bowden Tubes are inexpensive.

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    MarkForged Consumables

    Need to replace one or more consumables on your Markforged 3D printer? We have everything you need all in one place, from an Elmer’s glue stick to a brand-new print bed. If it’s materials you need, we have those too.

    Commonly replaced consumables on Markforged printers include Bowden tubes and nozzles. Bowden tubes can become clogged if they are not cleaned sufficiently and nozzles will degrade over time, even if they’re made from metal. We sell Bowden tubes for the Markforged Desktop series and nozzles for the Desktop and Industrial Series. These are all genuine Markforged products with a warranty.

    We also sell fibre tube tip packs and print beds. The print beds we stock are a direct replacement for your old one. Print beds are not usually considered as a consumable but they can be scratched or damaged with use. If your print bed has an imperfection, such as a scratch or dent, we recommend replacing it.

    As an authorised Markforged reseller we only stock genuine Markforged consumables. We do not recommend third party consumables with these machines because they’re not made to the same standards. They will also void your warranty.