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Zortrax is a manufacturer of high-performance FDM 3D printers for professionals. Their printers use industrial-grade mechatronics and components to provide a high level of reliability and consistency. The brand is renowned for innovation and developing solutions to problems, such as how to automate the process of smoothing models to eliminate layer lines. Manufacturers, engineers, product designers, dentists and other professionals are benefitting from these innovations. You can too.

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Z-HIPS 2kg Black
Z-HIPS 2kg Black

Zortrax Z-HIPS 2kg Filament-Black


Zortrax Z-HIPS is the perfect material for 3D printing large objects, because of its excellent resistance to warping. With Z-HIPS, even the most daring designs are dimensionally stable, thanks to this filament’s strength and rigidity. It is available in Black, Grey and Natural colours, and when printed has a unique matte texture which absorbs light and reduces the visibility of minor flaws. For this reason, it is ideally suited to creating prototypes.

The Z-HIPS for sale on this page comes in a larger 2kg spool, for use with the Zortrax M300 3D printer. Z-HIPS and the M300 are a match made in heaven, because of the M300’s larger 300 x 300 x 300 mm build volume. The M300 allows you to really push the boundaries of Z-HIPS, and create everything from models with large, flat surfaces to architecture mock-ups and casing elements for testing. However, Z-HIPS is best suited to prototypes of mechanical parts and consumer products, due to its unique ability to absorb light and hide flaws.

The official properties of Z-HIPS are: Impact Strength - High, Tensile Strength - High, Shrinkage - Very low, Elasticity - Medium, Hardness - Low.

Zortrax Z-HIPS is also resistant to solvents and acetone.

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    Whenever we are asked by someone what 3D printer they should buy, there are always a few brands on the tip of our tongue. And Zortrax is always one of them. The reason is simple - quality. From their printers to their filaments and supplies, Zortrax create a quality product. We know fresh from the box, their printers will work, and their materials will be on point. There’s never an unwelcome surprise with Zortrax.

    This consistency is why professionals use them religiously. From moving product prototyping in-house to making accurate dental models from 3D patient scans, there’s a Zortrax 3D printer to be found in nearly every application. Not on a trial basis either, but as an embedded product that solves a design or production challenge.

    Zortrax was founded in 2013 and is a Polish brand. Early machines won awards, and that trend has continued ever since. They make their own filaments which offer an additive manufacturing solution to common applications. Z-NYLON, for example, is incredibly strong and can be processed with machines meant for machining metals. There are countless more materials to choose from which transcend the use cases of ABS and PLA.

    We are an authorised Zortrax reseller and can recommend the right product for your use case. Please contact us if you require help choosing.