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You know what you’re getting with an Ultimaker: incredible performance and high-quality prints, all wrapped up in a package that’s incredibly easy to use. A consistent 3D printing experience is assured too. It makes no wonder Ultimaker is one of the world’s most popular manufacturers of desktop 3D printers, so why not join the club? Whether you are an engineer, designer, or school, there’s an Ultimaker for everyone.

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Ultimaker PP FIlament
Ultimaker PP FIlament
Ultimaker PP FIlament
Ultimaker PP FIlament

Ultimaker PP Filament


Ultimaker Polypropylene (PP) is a durable thermoplastic with exceptional fatigue resistance, desirable chemical resistance and low friction.


Polypropylene is one of the most widely used plastics in the world, because it’s tough and recyclable. It is used to manufacture everything from bottles to living hinges. Durable, tough and fatigue resistant, it is the ideal material for a wide range of applications.


The Ultimaker Polypropylene 500g spool for sale on this page is a genuine OEM product. It’s translucent and lightweight, with a smooth finish when printed. It is supported by the Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3 3D printers, with pre-programmed profile settings in Cura. It is not supported by the Ultimaker Original, Ultimaker Original+ or Ultimaker 2.


PP can be used to manufacture functional prototypes, conceptual models and mock-ups, but it’s also suitable for manufacturing end-use products. It is favoured in production lines, because it’s easy to work with and offers relatively fast print speeds. However, special care must be taken to prevent excessive cooling because this can cause warping.


To find out more about Ultimaker Polypropylene 500g, contact us today.


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  • Ultimaker

    Ultimaker started life out in the Netherlands. Founded in 2011, they are an old head relatively speaking in the world of desktop 3D printing. Their quest to innovate and create the best 3D printers has led to this point: they are now one of the world’s leading desktop 3D printer manufacturers in both uptake and reputation.

    The popularity of the Ultimaker brand is also down to proven use cases. Industries benefitting from an Ultimaker include aerospace, architecture, art, automotive, engineering, fashion, jewellery, manufacturing, medicine, product design and education. Ultimaker is also one of the few brands with a committed DIY fan base. These ‘Makers’ are ambassadors who live and breathe everything Ultimaker. You can find them on forums.

    Wherever reliability, uptime and quality is desired in a desktop 3D printer, we recommend Ultimaker because we know they work. With an Ultimaker you can make accurate, industrial-grade parts, time and again.

    We are an authorised Ultimaker reseller which means we are authorised by Ultimaker to sell and support their 3D printers and all related products. We sell the whole Ultimaker 3D printer range and can recommend the best model for your use case. We also sell supplies, materials, and spares to keep your 3D printing game strong.