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Filkemp is a leading manufacturer of 3D printing filaments, as well as special copolymers and polymers for a variety of industries. Their 3D printing range includes PLA-N, an engineered PLA with enhanced strength, PET-G, an ideal replacement for ABS, and Nylon, for industrial modelling and prototyping. Filkemp started life in 1998 and they are a leading innovator of plastics, present in over 40 countries.

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PLA-N, 2.85mm, Black, 1kg

3D Print Master Pro PLA-N by Filkemp 2.85mm, Black, 1kg


PLA-N is a next-generation biopolymer, engineered to exhibit superior mechanical properties to PLA while retaining the easy 3D printing experience PLA is well-known for.


Made by Filkemp, PLA-N can directly replace your use of PLA in applications where greater strength and toughness are desired.


We conducted a series of tests comparing PLA-N to PLA and ABS, in which we found PLA-N to be far superior to PLA. In our tests, we found PLA-N to exhibit a 27 to 27.5% torsional strength increase over regular PLA, and a 20% flexural strength increase with the 1.75mm filament. The 2.85mm filament exhibited a 12.5% flexural strength increase over regular PLA.


In conclusion, we found PLA-N to be far superior in flexural and torsional strength to standard PLA, and not far off ABS. PLA-N also has some desirable printing characteristics over ABS, such as less warping and less brittleness. This means that in some applications, PLA-N can be a very suitable replacement for ABS.


PLA-N is available as a 1kg, 2.2kg, 4.5kg or 8kg reel in 1.75mm or 2.85mm sizes. It’s also available in multiple colours, including yellow, black, white, green, blue, silver, and pastel orange. We keep a stock of all these colours.


We are an authorised UK distributor of Filkemp 3D Printer filaments. If you have any questions about PLA-N, please get in touch.

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    Filkemp’s history dates back to the 70s, where it was a department within a subsidiary of Hoechst AG, a then leading chemicals and life sciences company. The monofilaments department was spun off from Hoechst AG in 1998 ahead of their merger with France's Rhône-Poulenc S.A in 1999. Hoechst AG became Aventis, and the monofilaments arm which was spun off became Filkemp.

    Now, Filkemp holds a leading global position as a polymer and copolymer manufacturer, with production in Portugal and a presence in over 40 countries. They are renowned as one of the top innovators in their industry.

    Part of Filkemp’s product range includes a range of 3D printing filaments, which are branded under the 3D Print Master Pro name. These filaments are engineered for home, professional, and industrial use, and include PLA-N, an engineered PLA which is similar in toughness to ABS, PET-G, which can replace ABS, and Nylon, which is widely used in industry for tooling, modelling and parts prototyping.

    All these filaments are available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameters, which means they are standardised for desktop and large-format 3D printers.

    Filkemp filaments are world-renowned for unfaltering quality and performance. You can always expect the very best 3D printing experience with them, no matter the application or use case you have in mind.

    We are an authorised UK distribution partner for Filkemp products. Please contact us if you have any questions.